3D Printed Bracelet

The bracelet concept is to 3d print a three piece bracelet curved to the wrist, where the two sides are hinged to the center piece, and a linking chain to lock the two sides around the arm. I see this as all one print, so everything locks and hinges as one piece

I did print something like this concept, although not all in one piece, and found the bracelet to be very light, too light really, and the printed plastic uncomfortable on the skin. One solution to the uncomfortable feel of the plastic, is to make fused glass with an edge that would allow the curved fused glass to anchor permanently to the printed plastic and be set lower than the plastic, so only the glass would touch the skin.

This would be an easy draw and I have done a lot of glass fusing and actually know some of the first guys that started Bullseye, and with Bullseye right next door this idea would be pretty cool. I never did anything about the glass part of the idea, it but maybe this would be fun.