Big Foot is Coming to Town

The adverting concept here is to create a story line about the travels and mystery of the big foot.

A partial or even a full sized big foot costume would be relatively easy to make and there are the real ape caves up here, with a real forest service signs saying “ape caves,” so that's a good prop. (And an actual cave also.)

The big foot story line is continued over about 4 or 5 different 20-second clips, so maybe 100 seconds of finished clips.

One trip up to the signs would be necessary and to take a few “passing by of the car pictures” and some nice stills of the lakes and scenery. I guess that would take a half a day from Yacolt, or so, to shoot.

Pictures are easy to zoom and to pan and blend into what looks like a moving video, without having to have take a lot of complicated video. It is even more complicated with both the video and audio are recorded at the same time.

With the pan and zoom of the stills, and some moving video of the car going by for motion, making the video will be fairly simple. Also voice over the zoom and pan is easier.

One Story Line

The story starts when someone gets back from taking pictures up by the ape caves and at home they look at the pixs they find a “Big Foot” has photo-bombed some of the photos.

Intrigued they go back up to investigate and don't see big foot, but when they get back they find a picture they know they didn't take – a picture where there is red furry thumb where big foot accidentally got his thumb in the picture.

But they didn't see a big foot - so why is a unknown picture with a big foot thumb in the picture showing up in on their camera??

Another clip could be where they are taking a picture of the ape cave sign and don't see a big foot, but standing right by the sign they go back on their camera and view the photo and it shows a big foot. They quickly look around but no big foot.

Each time at the end the narration has something pithy to say like,”The explanation is out there.”

Just a couple of ideas. I'm sure better ones would come to mind if the idea was collaborated on