The Bat Wing Guitar Pick

The Only Guitar Pick To Ever Be Reverse Engineered From An Actual Bat!

Using today's computer technology, and inspired by the ancient shape of the master-of-night's wings, we have reverse engineered, from the bat's stealthy wings, a guitar pick where the shapes of your fingers blend with the wing's shape against the strings.

The outer wing points are soft rubber and fit between your fingers and are like adding another finger to your strumming. The ridged portion can be played alone or played at the same time as the rubber portion of the pick.

This innovative guitar pick produces a truly different combination of sounds and tones, sounds that may not have not been played up to the present day. Though maybe in the days of the first bats.

And is this it?

Has the Bat Wing finally solved the problem

of producing a guitar pick that plays and feels like your own fingers?

Did putting ridged pick plastic in the strength area of the wing and

and using the fingers to control with the flexible outer points of the wing

by blending the wing shape to human fingers

Did all this make a pick that you can control against the strings

just as you do with your own fingers?

And does it produce the kind of sound tones you can make with your fingers?

Yes! The Bat Wing Pick can solve that problem !

Reverse engineering the shape of the bat wing has been the solution!

You can use a pick. And still have the soft full sound of your fingers!

The Bat Wing Guitar Pick has been designed after the natural aspects of nature and man

with the consideration of all aspects of human nature

(male aspects mostly)

aspects of both ancient and modern-day man

And after deep reflection on the aspects of human nature - again probably mostly male aspects - of all aspects from of our days of hunting out of caves up to the very present time

In this reflection of man's history it's pretty obvious that the Bat Wing Pick Guitar Pick

Must have lasers.

I'm serious! I'm talking fricking lasers!!

(Ancient man would have loved lasers, sadly they just didn't have them.)

However since we have lasers now-a-days, I believe the rule is, “If it is technically possible to have lasers on a product, you must install the lasers.”

I think the rule is on the internet. Probably find it on Wikipedia.


With micro technology it is possible to put lasers on guitar pick...

So... Lasers it is!

Is this the greatest guitar pick innovation ever made since ...Well, ...since the guitar pick itself??

But very importantly

Is the Bat Wing Pick Fake or is it Real?

Just reach for your credit card and you can find out!

It's worth it!

Even though this bad-boy guitar pick might set you back a bit, you know, with lasers and all.

And the optional laser fingers aren't cheap either, the ones that fit on ...

oh wait...

that part still needs some government paperwork, I'm not sure, something about military application I think, can't say much... so it is still secret...

...big trouble for both of us, (you know what I mean,) if I were to say too much...

But, I can reveal this ...the fingers have lasers!

And it won't be secret forever !

I know pretty nice.

I can tell you're reaching for your card.

I don't blame you, who wouldn't want a guitar pick with flashing lasers and with the laser finge... you know... I mean the secret option ...

So, lets get out the card - I know you're ready

But well... there might a little bit of a glitch here

Maybe, possibly, it's not quite ready yet.

The Laser Bat Wing Guitar Pick doesn't, perhaps, quite, exactly exist; perhaps not exactly quite yet anyway.

But that's why we have a go fund me site.

To make the Laser Bat Wing Guitar Pick a realty.

We really think the worldwide dream of a laser guitar pick is realistic, but is it?

Can it be done? Is the dream unattainable?


It is not unattainable!

With your help the world will have The Laser Bat Wing Pick!!

(and the other laser option we can't talk about right now)

So go ahead and finish taking out the card and donate to The Laser Bat Wing Guitar Pick go-fund-me.


Use your card to buy one of our other currently available amazing guitar picks.

Either way you are doing your part to save the world.

Please help the world have

The Laser Bat Wing Guitar Pick !!

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