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The Homeless Bathroom

In this particular version of the bathroom - half the structure is public shower and flush toilet accessed with a homeless pin key. And half of the structure, accessed by a separate door and key number, is a kitchen/sleeping/setting room. This half of the structure would be for scheduled times, like if there were kids the mother could have a better place to cook and have the kids set rather than a tent.

Around the bathroom is free storage for the homeless, even a “garage” they can lock their shapping cart up so they can freely use the bathroom

Below is the concept of a pin code operated bathroom for use by the homeless only

The idea here is to provide an off the grid bathroom that can be placed anywhere that it is needed to provided sanitation. I have some written descriptions on the idea but for now I'm just putting up some of the drawings.

Solar panels only for keeping the battery topped off                                                                      

                                            Sky lights for natural lighting

Shopping cart garage

Except for the entry door all doors have no hinges and slide to avoid easy door damage and injury

         Toilet                                                                                               Sink                Ice box          Cook top or camp stove

Person in kitchen                         Person in shower                                           Bunk beds                Wall between bathroom and bunk beds



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