The Bat Wing Guitar Pick

The Only Guitar Pick To Ever Be Reverse Engineered From An Actual Bat!

Using today's computer technology coupled with the inspiration from the ancient shape of the master-of-night, we have reverse engineered - from the stealthy bat's wing - a guitar pick.

We have uncovered the secret of the bat's stealthy shape, engineering the shape to allow your fingers to blend with the wing's profile, to brush against strings alongside of your fingers.

Allowing both your fingers and the pliable silicon plectrum to play the strings at the same time.

The outer wing points are soft rubber, and acting between your fingers, the wing points become as more fingers on the strings, deepening the sound of your strumming. The ridged portion can be played alone, or played at the same time as your fingers and the pliable silicon portion of the plectrum.

This innovative guitar pick produces a truly different combination of sounds and tones. Sounds that may not have been heard up until the present day.

Except, maybe the combinations bright and dark tones that are produced by

The Bat Wing Guitar Pick did sound across ancient landscapes?

Perhaps in the days of the first bats?

But who knows? We weren't around to listen back then.

What we now want to know is - can the bat wing shape produce a guitar pick that will blend in the background with your fingers - and sound like your fingers?


Has The Bat Wing Guitar Pick Done That?

Has the use of the bat wing shape finally solved the problem?

And produced a guitar pick that plays and feels like your own fingers?

Did putting ridged pick plastic in the strength area of the wing

and using the fingers to control with the flexible outer points of the wing

by blending the wing shape to human fingers

Did all this make a pick that you can control against the strings

just as you do with your own fingers?

And does it produce the kind of sound tones you expect with your fingers?

Yes! The Bat Wing Pick Has Solved The Problem !

Reverse engineering the shape of the bat wing has been the solution!

You can use a pick. And still have the soft full sound of your fingers!


But there is more!

As you can see The Bat Wing Guitar Pick has been designed after the natural aspects of both human and nature.

And by using the consideration of all aspects of human nature

(male aspects mostly)

and with careful consideration of these aspects - both of ancient and modern-day man

this leads us to a deep a reflection on the aspects of human nature

(again I'm thinking mostly of the nature of human male aspects)

and in this contemplation on the nature of our human experience – the aspects that make our ingrained path that has been imprinted upon us from the days of hunting from the caves - all the way up to our very present time

And following this path of along this trail what the human man likes, and with the reflection of man's history

The conclusion is pretty obvious

The Bat Wing Guitar Pick

Must have lasers.

I'm serious! I'm talking fricking lasers!!

(Ancient man would have loved lasers. Sadly they just didn't have them.)

(However since we have lasers “now-a-days,” I believe the rule is, “If it is technically possible to have lasers on a product, you must install the lasers.” I think it is on the internet.

Probably find the rule on Wikipedia.)


With micro technology it is possible to put lasers on guitar pick...

So... Lasers it is!

Is this the greatest guitar pick innovation ever made since ...Well, ...since the guitar pick itself ...??

And is just so simple to do

Here in this illustration you can see the colored lines showing the laser glass fiber routes

Below, on the right, is the illustration shows where the blue input connection is located to recharge the batteries and program the CPU. The entire PBC and fiber-optics are embedded in the closed rubber matrix. (As usual, there are no user serviceable parts inside.)