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The GoFundMe plan

The plan is to come up with a Win Win idea for a GoFundMe account for Us,

and by the word Us,

I mean You.

...I mean, all You... and Us too.

 And a Big Win-Win

for Us... and by that I mean... for both,  of all of Us 

I'll explain the Win-Win

But first

What this GoFundMe account funds are for.

The GoFundMe account is to gather information from guitar players on completing the design of the BatWing picks

The BatWing pick is an innovative guitar pick series, engineered to give as large a range of different rhythm sounds as possible.  By mixing the subtle dark sound of a rubber pick with the bright tone of a traditional plastic pick, a wide verity different sounds are available while playing Simply by turning your hand while strumming. The BatWing pick is designed for rhythm

(Sorry not for lead guitar players)  

  And to raise funds to have machines make the picks.

Because actually making them by hand is way too time consuming to be able to sell them for any kind of a reasonable price. And would be impossible to make any kind of volume anyway

Eventually the picks will have to be machine made. If there is enough interest we have a good line on getting the molds made and have them machine manufactured.

Of course Kickstarter is a perfect place for a campaign to raise the funds with pre-sales to make the molds. The not so perfect part of Kickstarter is getting people to your part of the site so people even know about your project.

Advertising is the only way to bring in people and that's where the GoFundUs comes in

Donations and paid shared advertising will promote both the BatWing Kickstarter project and the shared advertiser  

Here is an example of how how a band with a Facebook page would benefit from a shared ad.

skip the fine print for now



Perhaps you know someone in a band, and would like to promote the band, or maybe the band itself would like to try some advertising.

It's not overwhelming to set up a Facebook advertising campaign, but it's not easy either. The idea is to share the advertising effort.

The BatWing site would have that all set up. Maybe the ad cost would be on a sliding scale, the more compelling and better the video footage, the less it would cost.   Maybe, we're not sure yet.

But there is a real cost to Facebook of 1000 computer ad impressions, depend on the location where the ad is ran, but around 8 dollars per ad and that shows up 1000 times on the computers in the chosen location.

And that area can be pretty small, like a 2 mile radius, if the band is playing in a big city or a 25 mile radius if the band is playing a rural area.

The advertiser would have to send us 2 or 3 video clips of 20 to 30 seconds of the band playing, or other video, of what ever you want to advertise. If your video clips are compatible with our advertising we will run the ads in the best area and demographic for you.

The idea sounds complicated, but it's really not that bad. In the example your band logo is seen on the ad and when clicked it plays the 20 seconds or so of very compelling video, the best 20 seconds of what you have sent us. Then the video fade is to a page where there is a link to your band page and a link to the BatWing page and the visitor is insurgence to click further stay on the site. Easy? Maybe it is complicated.

Anyway we're going to do some examples on the ad idea, so the shared video advertising concept is easier seen. Alsothere will be a link to a page with better details of the shared ad idea. I have some specific ideas on how the shared advertising works.

  Ok Ok enough of that  

But just to recap on shared ads with the band example. The BatWing site runs targeted ads for your band in your local area. The cost to advertise is on a sliding scale. The more compelling and interesting your video clips are, the less the cost advertise is. Also it should be noted that an incentive to buy right then on the website is given. That way when the sale is made right then, it is simple to tell if the ads are working.


skip the fine print for now  



On towards the ultimate goal. Kickstarter!

And a Win Win for Everybody.

The Win-Win is a little bit different for everybody.

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Maybe a little bit of inexpensive advertising helps out what you are doing. Maybe you help a friend's band. Maybe you donate some money so we can run more free ads. A good charity feeling Win-Win by helping someone out if you donate money for those that have a struggling project, and reasonable cost effective advertising if the project is more successful

The current plan is to get as many visits to the Kickstarter project site as possible. And from Kickstarter see what the interest is, and if people will buy. Everything past Kickstarter is pretty fluid on where to go then, but the idea is to add in a certain percent of money in the Kickstarter goal to reward those that participated in GoFundMe campaign.

So the the more people that have an incentive to to tell more people about the Kickstarter BatWing project the more visits and the more likely to get a percentage of buyers to meet the goal. Which includes the money for the for the GoFundMe investors. Coupled with the help that shared advertising may provide, this is the Win-Win. The good feeling of helping plus the possibility of a financial reward

Is Kickstarter the ultimate goal? Can there be anything beyond Kickstarter?

Maybe?? Click Here


skip the fine print for now